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Interdisciplinary Seminar of the Centre for Research on Culture, Language, and Mind (ISQ)

Interdisciplinary Seminar of the Centre for Research on Culture, Language, and Mind (ISQ) is a monthly seminar series that highlights current work undertaken at the Centre. It intends to bring together members of the University and renowned international scholars working at the intersection of the arts and the sciences.

All meetings will be held in English.

Initially the seminars will take place on Dobra Street 56/66 in the big seminar room, 2.90. As the Centre will be moving to new premises in April additional information about the new address will be provided in due course.

26 March 2024, 14:00 CET, Dr Jacek Rogala

Dr Jacek Rogala

The Hidden Nature of Art

Understanding how art makes impressions upon the perceiver has been a fundamental topic of philosophical interest since the time of ancient Greece. Recent investigations indicate that the experience evoked by an artwork may be induced by decoding of the encrypted artist’s message. But despite numerous attempts, the question of how the message is encoded in the artwork still remains a mystery. We will present a new approach to the same old problem using artistic and artificially created images and their effect upon the audience. We will further explore both types of images searching for their properties which could make a difference to the perceiver. To this end we will adopt persistent homology, a mathematical method which tracks topological features that appear or disappear as the scale of analysis increases, disclosing hidden shapes of things. Persistent homology can be treated as a mathematical formulation of the gestalt of the image. We show that images created by real artists have very different and distinctive persistence landscapes compared to those generated by artificial neural networks.

The meeting will be held on the ZOOM platform: https://uw-edu-pl.zoom.us/j/98190590509 (Meeting ID: 981 9059 0509)

24 April 2024, dr Yanna Popova

dr Yanna Popova

Novel Metaphor and Narrativity, or the Interplay of Schematicity and Categorization across Verbal and Non-Verbal Media

It is a commonly accepted fact that narrative is not just a collection of literary genres or a particular category of speech. Narrative, rather, is a basic, even the basic, mode of human understanding. As such it is schematic (i.e. causal, temporal, or both) and thereby constitutes the primary scheme by means of which human experience is organized. Still, narrative is but one form of conceptual organization for human minds. This speech utilizes the distinction long existing in the literature between schematic and categorical organization of conceptual knowledge and brings it to bear on the issue of how we generate and understand novel metaphor, both verbal and non-verbal. It will be my claim in this presentation that the nature of the dominant conceptual organization in a given domain (i.e. the visual domain for pictorial metaphor) provides the default interpretative strategy for novel metaphors. However, if the default structure is deficient in some way, or difficult to interpret, readers or viewers opt for the alternative conceptual organization. Various examples from fiction and pictorial metaphor (in art and advertising) will be discussed.

The meeting will be held at the BUW building, ul. Dobra 56/66, Warszawa, 2nd floor, room 2.90, 14.00.

Possibility to join on ZOOM platform https://uw-edu-pl.zoom.us/j/98860562091?pwd=cUtGRitQTUhDKzYyV3NJYnBJdFJEQT09 (Meeting ID: 988 6056 2091 Passcode: 62939)

28 May 2024, dr hab. Daniel Sobota

dr hab. Daniel Sobota

Philosophical, scientific and “political” challenges of modern humanities

The aim of the presentation is to present and characterise the various turns that have taken place in the last few decades in modern humanities, and to try to find their common ground and implications for the way we understand the tasks of philosophy, the sciences and their organisation within scientific and didactic institutions. In order to narrow and refine the topic, the presentation will focus in particular on those phrases that openly or covertly question the primacy of the understanding of the human being as such, derived from the idea of European humanism, and the associated “dictatorship” of writing and textualism.

The meeting will be held at the BUW building, ul. Dobra 56/66, Warszawa, 2nd floor, room 2.90, 14.00.

27 June 2024, prof. Ernst Poppel (Munich Centre for Neurosciences)

prof. Ernst Poppel (Munich Centre for Neurosciences)

(title to be confirmed)